Ameta Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Ameta Drone develops and provides drones designed to meet the diverse needs of users, enabling them to enjoy the excitement of high-tech flying, capture beautiful moments, and enhance their convenience and safety in everyday life. Every user of Ameta Drone products and services should feel confident and satisfied. However, in today's digital and connected world, consumers face potential risks. Ameta Drone is committed to actively identifying and mitigating these risks throughout the entire lifecycle of our products. We highly value feedback on actual or potential vulnerabilities, as it gives us the opportunity to address these issues and provide a safer experience for all drone enthusiasts.

 If you believe you have identified a vulnerability in an Ameta product or service, please fill out the form below. We kindly request that you:

  • Assist us in safeguarding users of Ameta products and services by ensuring their safety and protection, as well as maintaining the uninterrupted functionality and privacy of our products and services.
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding any potential vulnerabilities until Ameta has implemented a solution.
  • Do not use the information for commercial or business purposes.

 As long as this policy is adhered to, Ameta will collaborate with you and endeavor to promptly understand and resolve the vulnerability.

 Ameta will communicate with you, the reporter, via e-mail. First receipt of the vulnerability report within 7 days. After this the reporter will be contacted in case of any question. No later than 90 days after receiving a vulnerability report a fix or warning will be published. Warning will be withdrawn after a fix is released.

 You can remain anonymous, but giving your contact details to allow Ameta to contact you in case of questions may help the investigation and shorten the time for a solution. If you choose to leave your contact information and other potential personal information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy policy.

Note : only zip format files are accepted as attachments. Please package all attachment material in zip format.